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Area Locations:
Starbucks Coffee

The DiningGuide database has 352 profiles for this restaurant chain in the Seattle area.

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Aberdeen Locations

1213 E. Wishkah St.(not rated)360-532-0349
221 W. Heron St.(not rated)360-533-1955

Arlington Locations

20500 Olympic Pl.(not rated)360-435-3636
3532 172nd Ave. N.E.(not rated)360-653-4144
3617 172nd Ave. N.E.(not rated)360-653-2133

Auburn Locations

1102 Supermall Way S.W.(not rated)253-833-1549
1347 Auburn Way N.(not rated)253-939-5993
1408 Lake Tapps Pkwy. E.(not rated)253-735-2855
4010 A St. S.E.(not rated)253-939-1850
4025 A St. S.E.(not rated)253-833-8516
801 Auburn Way N.(not rated)253-939-9065

Bellevue Locations

10116 N.E. 8th St.(not rated)425-455-0870
10214 N.E. 8th St.(not rated)206-622-6195
10214 N.E. 8th St.(not rated)425-454-0191
15015 Main St.(not rated)425-378-9496
15600 N.E. 8th(not rated)425-746-4773
1645 140th Ave. N.E.(not rated)425-641-4255
17901 108th Ave. S.E.(not rated)425-235-7048
255 108th Ave. N.E.(not rated)425-467-5666
3181 156th Ave. S.E.(not rated)425-641-2806
3560C 128th Ave. S.E.(not rated)425-747-9441
3720 S.E. 128th St.(not rated)425-562-7041
44 Bellevue Way N.E.(not rated)425-452-9425
4851 Lakemont Blvd. S.E.(not rated)425-649-2062
500 108th Ave. N.E.(not rated)425-637-6513
601 108th Ave. N.E.(not rated)425-646-9602
626 N.E. 106th(not rated)425-635-7494
661 120th Ave. N.E.(not rated)425-637-9330

Bothell Locations

14130 Muanita Dr. N.E.(not rated)425-821-4885
15517 Main St.(not rated)425-316-9057
16304 Bothell-Everett Hwy.(not rated)425-745-8121
18404 120th Ave. N.E.(not rated)425-488-7759
18921 Bothell Way N.E.(not rated)425-485-7548
18931 Bothell Way N.E.(not rated)425-485-7377
2020 Maltby Rd.(not rated)425-485-1255
22833 Bothell Way S.E.(not rated)425-486-0668
926 164th St. S.E.(not rated)425-743-1055

Bremerton Locations

1401 N.E. McWilliams Rd.(not rated)360-373-8911
7034 State Hwy. 303 N.E.(not rated)360-698-7818
80 Washington Ave.(not rated)360-373-8105

Centralia Locations

1161 Harrison Ave.(not rated)360-807-8801

Chehalis Locations

1531 N.W. Louisiana Ave.(not rated)360-740-9140

Edmonds Locations

10016 Edmonds Way(not rated)425-670-2616
23632 Hwy. 99(not rated)425-778-1411
502 Main St.(not rated)425-778-6093

Enumclaw Locations

1343 Garrett St.(not rated)360-825-1748
152 Roosevelt Ave. E.(not rated)360-825-5023

Everett Locations

12906 Bothell-Everett Hwy.(not rated)425-357-0698
1605 S.E. Everett Mall Way(not rated)425-353-3354
21920 Hwy. 99(not rated)425-775-4286
2615 Broadway(not rated)425-259-4561
2823 Colby Ave.(not rated)425-339-2688
3621 Broadway(not rated)425-252-4086
3919 N. Market St.(not rated)509-484-9928
4128 Rucker Ave.(not rated)425-258-3552
4919 Evergreen Way(not rated)425-258-5945
515 S.E. Everett Mall Way(not rated)425-356-2267
520 128th St. S.W.(not rated)425-355-2478
6727 Evergreen Way(not rated)425-353-8511
7430 Evergreen Way(not rated)425-347-7933
8915 Market Pl.(not rated)425-377-1192

Federal Way Locations

1401 S. 348th St.(not rated)253-927-0593
1656 S.W. Dash Point Rd.(not rated)253-942-3907
2002 S. Commons(not rated)253-839-4400
2032 S. 320th St.(not rated)253-529-3934
2201 Sea Tac Mall Blvd.(not rated)253-733-7520
31009 Pacific Hwy. S.(not rated)253-946-4002
31515 20th Ave. S.(not rated)253-839-2420
34024 Hoyt Rd. S.W.(not rated)253-838-1023

Gig Harbor Locations

11330 51st Ave. N.W.(not rated)253-853-4750
4904 Point Fosdick Dr. N.W.(not rated)253-851-5230
5001 Olympic View Dr.(not rated)253-853-7047
5151 Borgen Blvd.(not rated)253-851-8312

Issaquah Locations

1460 N.W. Gilman Blvd.(not rated)425-427-1890
1540 N.W. Gilman Blvd.(not rated)425-392-4475
4566 Klahanie Dr. S.E.(not rated)425-392-1768
6100 E. Lake Sammamish Pkwy. S.E.(not rated)425-416-1112
6170 E. Lake Sammamish Pkwy. S.E.(not rated)425-394-0196
725 N.W. Gilman Blvd.(not rated)425-313-1689
755 N.W. Gilman Blvd.(not rated)425-392-3357

Kenmore Locations

7750 N.E. Bothell Way(not rated)425-415-6124

Kent Locations

10234 S.E. 256th St.(not rated)253-854-3202
10700 S.E. 208th St.(not rated)253-859-5317
13101 S.E. Kent-Kangley Rd.(not rated)253-638-7275
1428 W. Meeker(not rated)253-850-5810
17313 S.E. 270th Pl.(not rated)253-630-6193
20600 108th Ave. S.E.(not rated)253-850-0880
23325 Pacific Hwy. S.(not rated)206-870-9311
26015 104th Ave.(not rated)253-856-1440
26301 104th Ave. S.E.(not rated)253-850-9710
27027 Pacific Hwy. S.(not rated)253-946-7928
27116 168th Pl. S.E.(not rated)253-630-5125
3121 S.E. Kent-Kangley Rd.(not rated)253-638-1283
33702 21st Ave. S.W.(not rated)253-927-0528
425 W. Meeker(not rated)253-520-3290
6719 S. 211th St.(not rated)425-251-1242

Kirkland Locations

10020 N.E. 137th St.(not rated)425-821-9224
11400 N.E. 124th St.(not rated)425-820-1334
116 Lake St. S.(not rated)425-803-9086
12209 N.E. 85th St.(not rated)425-827-5247
12519 N.E. 85th St.(not rated)425-822-8821
13325 100th Ave. N.E.(not rated)425-823-2016
208 Park Pl. Center(not rated)425-889-0293
2255 Carillon Point(not rated)425-827-2130
6617 132nd Ave. N.E.(not rated)425-881-8265
6733 108th Ave. N.E.(not rated)425-893-8661
9721 N.E. 119th Way(not rated)425-825-7372

Lacey Locations

4700 Yelm Rd. S.E.(not rated)360-438-0203
700 Sleater-Kinney Rd. S.E.(not rated)360-438-6450

Lakewood Locations

10223 Gravelly Lake Dr. S.W.(not rated)253-581-2072
10314 S. Tacoma Way(not rated)253-984-0898
6040 Main St. S.W.(not rated)253-588-9404

Lynnwood Locations

12811 Beverly Park Rd.(not rated)425-347-3060
1330 164th St. S.W.(not rated)425-741-0415
13619 Mukilteo Speedway(not rated)425-743-3455
14826 Hwy. 99(not rated)425-743-7771
16809 Hwy. 99(not rated)425-741-6537
In The Alderwood Mall(not rated)425-774-7728
19500 Hwy. 99(not rated)425-670-9803
19720 44th Ave. W.(not rated)425-778-4034
19927 Hwy. 99(not rated)425-776-5600
In The Alderwood Mall(not rated)425-778-5491
4028 196th St. S.W.(not rated)425-778-1367

Maple Valley Locations

22131 S.E. 237th St.(not rated)425-413-9353
26910 Maple Valley Hwy. 3(not rated)425-413-4110

Marysville Locations

10600 Quil Ceda Blvd.(not rated)360-654-2757
1258 State Ave.(not rated)360-658-8483
16818 Twin Lakes Ave.(not rated)360-386-4020
301 Marysville Mall(not rated)360-659-5841
3701 88th St. N.E.(not rated)360-657-4339
9925 State Ave.(not rated)360-653-0700

Mercer Island Locations

2755 77th Ave. S.E.(not rated)206-232-0244
7620 S.E. 27th St.(not rated)206-275-3115
7695 S.E. 27th St.(not rated)206-230-8847
7823 S.E. 28th St.(not rated)206-230-0745
8415 S.E. 68th St.(not rated)206-275-1097
8421 S.E. 68th St.(not rated)206-232-0102

Monroe Locations

18629 State Rd. 2(not rated)360-794-5808
19813 State Route 2(not rated)360-805-0503

Mountlake Terrace Locations

4301 212th St. S.W.(not rated)425-775-4844

Mukilteo Locations

10100 Mukilteo Speedway(not rated)425-493-6848
11700 Mukilteo Speedway(not rated)425-290-6166
12502 Mukilteo Speedway(not rated)425-353-5314

North Bend Locations

458 S.W. Mount Si Blvd.(not rated)425-831-2288
460 E. N. Bend Way(not rated)425-888-1682

Olympia Locations

1313 Cooper Point Rd.(not rated)360-352-8515
1401 Marvin Rd. N.E.(not rated)360-491-1190
1908 E. 4th Ave.(not rated)219-239-2105
315 Cooper Point Rd. N.W.(not rated)360-352-5616
3520 Pacific Ave. S.E.(not rated)360-459-9340
4250 Martin Way E.(not rated)360-923-5910
4660 Whitman Ln. S.E.(not rated)360-491-8927
5300 Capitol Blvd. S.E.(not rated)360-352-3429
5312 Littlerock Rd. S.W.(not rated)360-352-4340
5600 Martin Way E.(not rated)360-459-9285
625 Black Lake Blvd. S.W.(not rated)360-754-0121

Port Angeles Locations

110 E. 3rd St.(not rated)360-457-0788

Port Orchard Locations

1434 Olney Ave. S.E.(not rated)360-895-2292
1960 S.E. Lund St.(not rated)360-874-2360
5520 Sidney Rd.(not rated)360-692-8088

Port Townsend Locations

442 W. Sims Way(not rated)360-385-2806

Poulsbo Locations

19673 7th Ave. N.E.(not rated)360-779-6500
21505 Market Pl. N.W.(not rated)360-779-9939

Puyallup Locations

1100 N. Meridian(not rated)253-840-8158
11012 Canyon Rd. E.(not rated)253-537-3770
11601 Canyon Rd. E.(not rated)253-531-8952
13308 Meridian E.(not rated)253-864-7277
17520 Meridian St. E.(not rated)253-435-1764
3705 S. Meridian(not rated)253-435-9804
4423 S. Meridian St.(not rated)253-845-6988

Redmond Locations

11523 Avondale Rd.(not rated)425-702-8096
15000 N.E. 24th St.(not rated)425-869-5816
15738 Redmond Way(not rated)425-885-9590
16500 N.E. 74th St.(not rated)425-861-9198
17196 N.E. Redmond Way(not rated)425-883-8535
17246 Redmond Way N.E.(not rated)425-885-3323
17667 N.E. 76th St.(not rated)425-556-8000
17700 N.E. 76th St.(not rated)425-556-9533
2020 148th Ave. N.E.(not rated)425-644-7824
23475 N.E. Novelty Hill Rd.(not rated)425-636-0420
23515 N.E. Novelty Hill Rd.(not rated)425-868-4831
7301 164th Ave. N.E.(not rated)425-558-1596
7625 170th Ave. N.E.(not rated)425-882-2881
8867 161st Ave. N.E.(not rated)425-869-1080

Renton Locations

14022 S.E. Petrovitsky Rd.(not rated)425-793-1134
14215 S.E. Petrovitsky Rd.(not rated)425-235-7700
17230 140th Ave. S.E.(not rated)425-228-1740
200 S.W. 43St(not rated)425-251-0201
4300 N.E. 4th St.(not rated)425-266-9370
439 Rainier Ave. S.(not rated)425-277-0554
4637 Sunset Blvd.(not rated)425-917-9821
4710 N.E. 4th St.(not rated)425-793-8275
601 S. Grady Way(not rated)425-227-9262
6977 Coal Creek Pkwy. S.E.(not rated)425-603-9727

Sammamish Locations

3016 Issaquah-Pine Lake Rd. S.E.(not rated)425-391-8595
340 228 Ave. N.E.(not rated)425-369-9480
604 228th Ave. N.E.(not rated)425-836-8641

Seattle Locations

1000 Second Ave.(not rated)206-382-1688
10002 Aurora Ave. N.(not rated)206-524-6122
102 First Ave.(not rated)206-382-2656
1101 Alaskan Way(not rated)206-554-7060
1101 Madison Ave.(not rated)206-624-0281
1111 3rd Ave.(not rated)206-442-9645
1125 4th Ave.(not rated)206-623-0860
1144 Elliott Ave. W.(not rated)206-283-9629
116 S.W. 148th St.(not rated)206-901-0238
1191 2nd Ave.(not rated)206-652-8924
1200 Westlake Ave.(not rated)206-216-0306
12001 Lake City Way N.E.(not rated)206-364-2490
121 Lakeside Ave.(not rated)206-720-4803
1211 Dexter Ave. N.(not rated)206-283-2211
1220 Howell St.(not rated)206-262-0278
1295 N. 205th(not rated)206-542-9608
1301 2nd Ave.(not rated)206-264-0289
1301 Madison St.(not rated)206-254-1336
13035 Aurora Ave. N.(not rated)206-368-9366
13038 Interurban Ave.(not rated)206-244-7062
13050 Aurora Ave. N.(not rated)206-306-8780
1325 Fourth Ave.(not rated)206-623-5427
138 S.W. 148th St.(not rated)206-243-3043
1420 Fifth Ave.(not rated)206-467-0972
1423 N.W. Market St.(not rated)206-784-6480
14330 Lake City Way N.E.(not rated)206-440-3366
14359 15th Ave. N.E.(not rated)206-366-2707
1501 Fourth Ave.(not rated)206-625-1255
1524 7th Ave.(not rated)206-264-8921
15332 Aurora Ave. N.(not rated)206-363-8683
15824 1st Ave. S.(not rated)206-243-1545
1600 E. Olive Way(not rated)206-568-5185
1607 W. Dravus St.(not rated)206-285-6230
1700 Seventh Ave.(not rated)206-382-0636
17039 N.E. Bothel Way(not rated)206-367-3811
1730 Minor Ave.(not rated)206-340-9068
17480 Southcenter Pkwy.(not rated)206-575-1774
17829 1st Ave. S.(not rated)206-988-6912
18336 Midvale Ave. N.(not rated)206-542-2093
1912 Pike Pl.(not rated)206-448-8762
1962 1st Ave. S.(not rated)206-624-6045
Benaroya Hall(not rated)206-621-9627
20121 Aurora Ave. N.(not rated)206-533-9520
20132 Ballinger Way N.E.(not rated)206-440-9305
2101 Fourth Ave.(not rated)206-728-0883
211 Lenora(not rated)206-441-1388
2110 N. 45th St.(not rated)206-548-9507
2121 Terry Ave.(not rated)206-223-2173
2135 Queen Anne Ave. N.(not rated)206-301-8477
2137 N. Northgate Way(not rated)206-417-1403
21401 Pacific Hwy. S.(not rated)206-824-2737
2200 Alaskan Way(not rated)206-448-9304
2201 E. Madison Ave.(not rated)206-323-0331
2204 N.W. Market St.(not rated)206-782-2795
221 Pike St.(not rated)206-625-5177
2300 S. Jackson(not rated)206-726-0502
2326 1st Ave.(not rated)206-956-4322
2344 Eastlake Ave. E.(not rated)206-324-5144
2401 Utah Ave. S.(not rated)206-624-9496
2500 S.W. Barton(not rated)206-935-0585
2580 S. 156th St.(not rated)206-433-5131
2622 California Ave. S.W.(not rated)206-937-5112
2650 N.E. 49th St.(not rated)206-522-6410
2742 Alki Ave. S.W.(not rated)206-933-6974
2921 Martin Luther King Jr. Way S.(not rated)206-721-1543
300 Andover Pl. W.(not rated)206-575-6617
301 N.E. Northgate Way(not rated)206-306-8525
3145-B Fremont Ave. N.(not rated)206-633-3706
315 Hec Edmundson Pavilion(not rated)206-522-5228
316 N. 67th St.(not rated)206-781-4153
3205 Harrison St.(not rated)206-728-4077
328 15th Ave. E.(not rated)206-323-1568
3300 W. McGraw St.(not rated)206-298-3390
333 Strander Blvd.(not rated)206-575-8185
3820 Rainier Ave. S.(not rated)206-723-4143
400 Occidental Ave.(not rated)206-624-2561
400 Pine St.(not rated)206-652-0872
4000 E. Madison Ave.(not rated)206-329-3736
4011 S. 164th(not rated)206-240-2567
4101 S.W. Admiral Way(not rated)206-937-5010
4147 University Way N.E.(not rated)206-547-3280
425 Queen Anne Ave. N.(not rated)206-691-3396
434 Broadway Ave. E.(not rated)206-323-7888
4400 11th Ave. N.W.(not rated)206-789-9322
4408 Fauntleroy Way S.W.(not rated)206-932-4230
4555 University Way N.E.(not rated)206-634-1390
4824 Rainier Ave. S.(not rated)206-721-8871
502 Second Ave.(not rated)206-381-0638
505 5th Ave. S.(not rated)206-381-8965
515 Pine St.(not rated)206-382-1201
540 N.E. Northgate Way(not rated)206-367-6651
550 17th Ave.(not rated)206-568-2302
5963 Corson Ave. S.(not rated)206-762-4671
600 Pine St.(not rated)206-264-1607
600 Stewart St.(not rated)206-441-6898
601 Union St.(not rated)206-264-2534
606 N.W. Richmond Beach Rd.(not rated)206-546-5750
620 Denny Way(not rated)206-956-0408
6417 Roosevelt Way N.E.(not rated)206-526-7230
6501 California Ave.(not rated)206-938-6371
700 5th Ave.(not rated)206-622-5789
701 Fifth Ave.(not rated)206-447-9934
7100 E. Greenlake Dr. N.(not rated)206-523-9594
7303 35th Ave. N.E.(not rated)206-517-2877
800 12th Ave.(not rated)206-329-8028
Washington State Convention Center(not rated)206-694-5371
806 Southcenter Blvd.(not rated)206-988-4988
823 First Ave.(not rated)206-340-9184
8340 15th Ave. N.W.(not rated)206-782-7464
9023 25th Ave. S.W.(not rated)206-937-1732
9162 Rainier Ave. S.(not rated)206-494-1120
9620 28th Ave. S.W.(not rated)206-923-6840
999 Third Ave.(not rated)206-748-0058
9999 Holman Rd. N.W.(not rated)206-783-8104

Sequim Locations

1095 W. Washington St.(not rated)360-681-2449

Silverdale Locations

10516 Silverdale Way N.W.(not rated)360-613-9747
2222 N.W. Bucklin Hill Rd.(not rated)360-692-8088
2238 Bucklin Hill Rd. N.W.(not rated)360-662-0182
2890 N.W. Bucklin Hill Rd.(not rated)360-692-4488

Snohomish Locations

1101 Ave. D(not rated)360-563-9242
17408 State Route 9 S.E.(not rated)360-668-5132

Sumner Locations

1201 E. Valley Ave.(not rated)253-826-8400
15005 Main St. E.(not rated)253-863-9256
19461 Hwy. 410 E.(not rated)253-862-3125
20901 Hwy. 410(not rated)253-891-7300
9400 192nd Ave. E.(not rated)253-862-5660

Tacoma Locations

104 Military Rd. S.(not rated)253-538-1688
1101 Pacific Ave. S.(not rated)253-572-2219
12821 Pacific Ave. S.(not rated)253-539-3049
1498 Pacific Ave.(not rated)253-627-5084
15803 Pacific Ave. S.(not rated)253-539-1864
1621 E. 72nd St.(not rated)253-475-2565
1624 72nd St. E.(not rated)253-537-2124
1723 S. 72nd St.(not rated)253-671-8337
1748 Pacific Ave.(not rated)253-573-1789
1816 S. Mildred W.(not rated)253-565-0666
2112 N. 30th St.(not rated)253-573-1901
2405 N. Pearl St.(not rated)253-752-5407
2505 S. 38th St.(not rated)253-475-5644
2602 N. Proctor St.(not rated)253-756-1859
3130 S. 23rd(not rated)253-593-0946
3514 S. 56th St.(not rated)253-475-1757
3830 Bridgeport Way(not rated)253-564-1077
4101 49th Ave. N.E.(not rated)253-925-5040
4502 S. Steele St.(not rated)253-473-7727
4756 Pacific Hwy. E.(not rated)253-922-6193
4802 Center St.(not rated)253-564-1175
5700 100th St. S.W.(not rated)253-984-0981
601 Pine St.(not rated)253-572-9525
6720 Regents Blvd. W.(not rated)253-460-3089
Waller Hall, Bldg 2140(not rated)253-964-4210

Woodinville Locations

13780 N.E. 175th St.(not rated)425-398-8099
14015 N.E. 175th St.(not rated)425-481-6616
17641 Garden Way Dr.(not rated)425-398-5458
19150 N.E. Woodinville-Duvall Rd.(not rated)425-788-9150
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